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A Knitter's Wonderland

(To the tune of Winter Wonderland) Needles click, how they glisten, cozy sound, as you listen, they’re stuck everywhere, sit down if you dare, welcome to my knitter’s wonderland. Yarn abounds to overflowing, countless books increase my knowing. I need every bit; I care not a whit if there’s no pathway through my wonderland! In an evening I can make a mitten, start a shawl, a sweater, or a hat. But the question to ask any kitten, is “Do you think she’ll really finish that?”

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Family Fun

They came, they beat me at Cribbage (which I hadn't played in YEARS so I don't think it counts to gloat) and we had a wonderful time! If you're hoping for knitting content, there is none. If you want to see really cute baby pictures (AND the baby wearing my fuzzy hats), then you're in luck!

My sister Janice, my niece Celia, and Celia's baby Cameron came and spent a few days with us. It was wonderful! First time I've seen Cameron, though Ceilia's been really good about sending me pictures. Cameron is seven months old (I was telling people he was five months old - duh - am blaming it on the steroids). He is the cutest little guy and he LOVED my fuzzy hats!

We'd put one on him and he'd just LAUGH and not once try to pull it off his head. We had planned to do all seven colors but got sidetracked,

Here he is in the purple. Stylin' for the ladies (meaning Mom and Grandma). I have never seen a little kid like hats so much. You know, this means I'll be knitting him one of his own in a MANLY blue (Fun Fur is on sale this week), and making it just a tad bit smaller.

He was trying to dance but the silly hat was TOO big! It kept slipping down over his eyes. Still didn't cause him to want to take it off.

I think it was his first time on hardwood floors. He's almost crawling and hardwood is so slick he could push with his knees and pull with his elbows and get pretty good pace going. Sugar thought he was extremely interesting. She followed him around at a safe distance though the whole visit (sorry no pics - just forgot).

And here we all are: Celia, me, Jan, and Cameron. First time I got to hold him. You can see Jan has her hand on his leg. I was really concerned I'd drop him (broken arm syndome) but so pleased to get to hold him even for a few minutes.

And here's Sugar after the visit. Keeping track of that baby just WORE HER OUT! Well, blogger is not letting me put up any more pics so will put it up next time I post.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yes, There IS Knitting Content

The arm is still broken but the x-ray (finally got the report yesterday) shows it's healing. That means I can go back to LIMITED exercise and walking with the walker to build up strength in my leg. Lots of little strange physical things going on. I figure they all have to do with getting off the steroids and healing.

And I did manage to get one more little charity hat done for guild. We had a great turnout last Sunday. The new board has lots of new and exciting projects planned for this year. If you're not coming and you knit, you ought to think about it. Voluntary dues, great programs, fun people and always a good time.

Look what showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon:

Isn't this gorgeous! It's a prayer shawl that
Shelly made me. It reminds me a griant purple butterfly. It's smade of Knit Picks Superwash wool. I've already been wearing it. And notice how long the tails are; she made it so you could wrap it around and tie it in the back. I LOVE it! Warm and pretty.

And speaking of pretty, here is our redbud shrub (well it's suppose to be a tree but we haven't gotten around to trimming the branches up on it yet). I love having a redbud (state tree) in the backyard. Now if I could just get a Scissortail (state bird) and a Swallowtail (state butterfly) to come hang out in the backyard, I'd be thrilled.

I love spring before the rains hit. Having breakfast this morning, I thought I saw a SNOWFLAKE ! IMPOSSIBLE! Then I saw a few more swirly white flakes and realized the Bradford Pear blossoms were being blown around the backyard. How fun to have "snowflakes" on a sunny spring morning.

And this is what is looks like almost every morning when it's warm enough to open the cat door to the screened-in porch. All three of the cats line up as though waiting for a train. Rimsky was actually third in line but when he heard the camera turn on, he left.

the girls, however, sit and look at each other as if to say "After you," "No, after you." And what normally happens is they sit and look at each other and at the cat door for awhile then Sugar finally goes out.

A second or two later Blueberry follows and Rimsky shows up about five minutes later.

YES - we DO have a cat door installed in the wall. It's so much simpler just to let them come and go as they want. They can only go into the screened in porch so I'm not worried about them leaving or some other creature coming in.

Thursday my sister Janice, her daughter Celia (the one who stayed with us while I was going thru chemo), and Celia's new baby Cameron are coming out for a visit. I'm so excited! Jan was out in July, I haven't seen Ceilia since last summer and can't WAIT to see Cameron who must be four or five months old. They'll be staying about a week. I've never had to think about baby-proofing a home so this will be quite an experience. I just hope the cats are good.

So that's the latest in this little "Bradford Pear flake" corner of the world.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Hats

I've been working on my charity knitting as my arm will allow. Yesterday and today it's been really sore. I'm hoping to get one more little hat done between now and Guild but at least I have two to turn in.

I'm sure you can see the YI's tail wrapped around this one. She is SO helpful! I really don't think she shows up to see the hats but because it's a photo op.

Here is the second hat. I braided the three doodles and tied knots in the ends. The YI appeared to like this one better. I always want to try them on her but it might be the end of the hat if I tried.

And here's the YI in peson, looking quite bored with the everything. She really prefers yarn in the rough...or I should say...ball. She has tried to run off with the fuzzy yarn for these hats more than once.

When that didn't work, she tried to sneak off with the large PINK ball of Cascade 22o I'm going to use to make my SIL Eileen's scarf. Certainly no one would notice a black cat with a huge pink ball of yarn hanging out of her nouth But it's like a little kid, you can't laugh while they are doing it or you just encourage them. And she needs VERY little encouragement.

I haven't had a chance to play too much with my talk and type software - Dragon Naturally Speaking. I keep thinking I'll get to it and then the next thing I know, it's time for bed! Ihaven't even gotten another wire sculpture ring done. Mostly I've been sleeping. I've have had a bit of a cold and everything just wears me out.

Tomorrow I go get the arm x-rayed. I hope we get good news. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Friday, March 02, 2007

And The Good News Is...

The first follow up MRI scan showed no changes (as opposed to activity). And I'll be getting a follow up x-ray on my shoulder in about two weeks to see if the bone is healing (which it BETTER be). So all things considered, God is good and life is good!

I have even started knitting again. It doesn't hurt quite as much - which I'm taking as a sign of healing. So I've finally started SIL Eileen's scarf. I picked a feather and fan variation called traveling vines. It looks pretty good so far.

And here are a couple of pictures from our zoo day. Bruce and Wanda were not so sure they liked being where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. They weren't too hot on no mountains and few trees either. It took me two years to finally realize the clouds on the horizon WERE NOT mountains, so I certainly understand.

And here is the tiger I wanted Jim to climb the fence to get a better picture of it. Very pretty cat. He "barked" a few times (not at Jim, just in general).

And because I have a broken arm but MUST still type on the computer, my great hubby got me a piece of software called Dragon Speak. You actually talk to the computer and it types what you say. I am in the process of going through the tutorials. This is just the coolest program. I remember taking a look at it several years ago but it was really clunky. It 's pretty sleek now. The hardest part is remembering from one screen to the next how to give it commands. Thank goodness for quick start cards!

Hope everyone has a terriffic weekend!