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A Knitter's Wonderland

(To the tune of Winter Wonderland) Needles click, how they glisten, cozy sound, as you listen, they’re stuck everywhere, sit down if you dare, welcome to my knitter’s wonderland. Yarn abounds to overflowing, countless books increase my knowing. I need every bit; I care not a whit if there’s no pathway through my wonderland! In an evening I can make a mitten, start a shawl, a sweater, or a hat. But the question to ask any kitten, is “Do you think she’ll really finish that?”

Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday, Friday

Had a pet scan this morning but won't get the results for a few days. Not that I'm expecting anything. This is just a regular maintenance scan.

But it was funny. I went to Mercy (if you have to go to a hospital, this is the one to go to) for it. A nice young tech came to collect me in my wheelchair (Mercy is HUGE, I always get a chair) and started wheeling me down the hall toward the cat scan area. We zipped right past it and he wheeled me right out the back door! Down a ramp, across a driveway, and right up to a big Winnabago (okay, it wasn't really a Winnabago). As it turns out, the pet scan team comes to Mercy Tuesdays and Fridays in a huge motor home!

There is a lift that takes you from street level up to warehouse accordian- type doors that open by pushing them up. I swear, I felt like a refrigerator being delivered to a trailer house. After that it was a pretty normal scan, except they wouldn't let me knit while the radioactive sugar was coursing through my veins. The tech said it would just go into my hands, couldn't watch tv or listen to music because the sugar would set up mainly in my head. So no knitting but lots of complements on my felted market bag holding my projects.

The volunteer who walked us over to the radiation department started telling the waiting room crowd - all six of us - jokes. The best one was this:

What's the difference between a nothern zoo and a southern zoo?
At a southern zoo, under the name of the animal in the cage, is a recipe.

And look at this great picture Carolyn sent me of Miss Savvy wearing her Princess crown. Carolyn sent me several but I really like this one:

I'm planning to be at GYKI tomorrow afternoon unless I have to go write a contract for a house. If I don't see you, have a great weekend - well - have a great weekend even if I DO see you!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Tales of Sugar

Carolyn came by this afternoon and we knitted and got caught up on family stuff. I forgot to take pictures but she is knitting the cutest baby sweater for Daxton on SIZE ZERO needles with tiny cotton yarn. It's going to be very cute but goodness!

She also sent me pictures of Savvy wearing her princess crown. I'm hoping she'll email me a single photo so I can post it. Savvy is so cute and the crown looks like it actually fits her.

And what have I been doing, you ask? Well, two MORE DW's. The picture doesn't do either of them justice. The colors are much better in real life.

The Quality Control Inspector showed up just as I was getting ready to pick things up. She has to put her cat scan of approval on all knitted items. No sloppy dishcloth work around here. I guess it passed as she sniffed it a couple of times and then tried to chew on it. I always take that to mean she likes something.

I spent most of Monday in bed (kind of a hard weekend for me). Here I am under my blanket and Sugar is under her blanket. I couldn't get her to sleep with her blanket next to me - oh no, if she wasn't laying right on top of me, she wasn't happy. Heaven forbid Sugar is unhappy! Can you say SPOILED? Me too. And I said it as I dumped her and her blanket off of me for the third or fourth time!

And she has ANOTHER new little quirk. Emily was over recently and when she petted Sugar, black hair flew everywhere. So, with very little hope of this working, we bought Sugar a pet brush. She sheds vigorously. If shedding were a sport, she would definitely get a medal. Anyway, we had a big surprise - she LOVES being brushed! If she hears the drawer open that holds her brush, she will RUN and leap on the table purring, sometimes she leaps so hard, she slides right off the other end (okay, she has only done that once but it sure was funny)!

She lays on one side, then on her back, then on her other side. She purrs the whole time and is really disappointed when we decide we've got all the loose hair for the day. I have NEVER had a cat let me brush her.

Blueberry has decided she can be brushed for 3 and a half seconds. After that, she's done. And she only does it to annoy Sugar.

I started making a hat for my sister to match her purse and about five inches into it I found out I was short *10* stitches. Two stitches I could fake, four I could add, but TEN is just too many. So I've completely frogged it and will start over again tonight. No watching tv, no blog surfing, no interruptions until I get back on track. And someone will have to explain the closed door to Miss You-Know-Who.

So wish me luck!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Yarn Inspector

I swear, Sugar needs her own blog! She does some of the oddest things and I'm sure if she had a chance, she would have a reasonable explanation for every one of them (or not).

Such as yesterday - I went into the kitchen and found Sugar on top of the hutch (a new thing and I haven't the faintest idea how she got up there) and Blueberry on top of the refrigerator. A doorway sized space separated them. Blueberry looked pretty unhappy to be at eye-level with Sugar since Blue is pretty sure SHE rules the world not that upstart black creature.

I ran off to the the camera only to find the batteries had died. But it would have been a great picture, the black bear (is that a bearoness - bad pun) and the lioness glaring at each other. Well Sugar wasn't actually glaring. Blueberry still intimidates her immensely, but she was keeping tabs on Blue in case Blue decided to cross the great divide and beat her up - again.

So, now besides the "dead beetle" sleeping pose, we have the "I own the top of the hutch" stance. I'm just glad Rimsky is old and couldn't care less what the silly girls are doing. His biggest thing is if a cereal bowl shows up, it better have a skiff of milk left in it for him to lick out.

And some knitting conent. The last two DW's I made.

I'm designing a sweater for some souvenir yarn I bought four or five years ago in CA. We went stayed at a bed and breakfast in the hills close to the Nevada border. It was a great place to stay and had several yarn stores within a half hour's drive. I've finally decided what I want to do with the yarn, just need to get the GAUGE figured out.

BTW - I didn't make this very clear. In my last post, I had a picture of my sister, brother-in-law and baby. The baby is actually their grandson. Why my niece, the baby's mother, didn't pose with them is beyond me. Thought I should clarify that.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday!