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A Knitter's Wonderland

(To the tune of Winter Wonderland) Needles click, how they glisten, cozy sound, as you listen, they’re stuck everywhere, sit down if you dare, welcome to my knitter’s wonderland. Yarn abounds to overflowing, countless books increase my knowing. I need every bit; I care not a whit if there’s no pathway through my wonderland! In an evening I can make a mitten, start a shawl, a sweater, or a hat. But the question to ask any kitten, is “Do you think she’ll really finish that?”

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quick Update

This is a short update from Jim (Susan's husband) to let everyone know how Susan is doing.

She received Gamma Knife treatment last Thursday. This time it was done at Mercy Hospital by people who actually cared about the patient! Susan did not experience any pain when the frame was placed on her head. In fact, the only pain was a headache (a good one, too!) when it was time to go home. It was such a blessing to have really skilled, capable, caring medical people work with her, unlike the (expletive deleted) animals at "the other unnamed hospital."

Now, its just a question of waiting. Susan slept most of the afternoon on Thursday. Some strong pain reliever took care of the headache. She's been up and around in the wheel chair and has used her walker for short distances. Unless there is some radical change in symptoms, she'll go back for a followup MRI and to see her neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist in about one month.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And The Bad News Is...

They changed my Gamma Knife treatment to NEXT Thursday, not this Thursday. And I am NOT a happy camper. It seems the doctors couldn't get their schedules to match. I hope they get it figured out by next week.

Mysister arrived safe and sound but will be going back the Wednesday BEFORE next Thursday. We are having a great visit , I'm just sorry about the way it worked out. I haven't managed to get her into knitting --- YET--- you know how tenacious I can be.

So the good news is we're having a great visit, the bad news is symptoms are starting to pick up, the steroids are making me puff up and for the first time I'm a little anxious about waiting a week (because of how fast this cancer seems to grow).

But as always, I know Who runs my show and He knows the outcome. I am trying to rest patiently with Him. As soon as I get another update, I'll let you know. In the meantime, thanks for all the prayer and support, I really appreciate it!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Can't Believe It - an Actual Post!

It's been about two weeks since I posted. If there is anyone still out there reading this, I apologize for the long delay. A lot of things have been going on and I simply didn't have the information nor the inclination to post sooner.

Knitting Update:First let me zip thru the last two weeks - I finished a "barn scarf" for my sister Janice's hubby. Seems he really liked her alpaca scarf but if you're in the barn or on a tractor. the alpaca, though warm. will be thoroughly out of place.

It's prettty long. I ran across some chunky yarn with a definite wooly feel in my stash and just knitted until I ran out. I had a tiny bit of the blue left so before sending it out the door, I put a smattering of fringe on both ends.

I just did a a real simple cable stitch and for a "barn scarf", I think it turned out pretty well.

I've been knitting a glorious red fun fur hat from yarn Gloria R. brought me in the hospital. Fire engine red. It's going to be an eye-ball buster - I love it! I also finished some charity knitting and my SIL Eileen's hat. I just need to make a matching scarf and felt the hat. She should see it about the time flowers are blooming in TN. And that's about it on the knitting front. I am planning to get at least two of my UFO projects done this year but I keep finding smaller, more fun things to work on....hmmmmmm.

Sugar Update: I don't think I've ever had a cat with as much personality (though she can be VERY wearing at times). For Christmas Jim and I bought a ceramic wood gas fireplace insert. We had been wanting one since we moved in but simply hadn't found the time to go look. We found the perfect one the Friday before Christmas and it was installed the Saturday before Christmas. If you've ever seen our living room, you know we have a long coffee table between the couch and the fireplace. Jim moved it over under the window so the installer could get to the firebox. Sugar kept a vigilant watch on him from on top of the corner of the coffee table. When he went outside to get something from his truck, Sugar hoppped down and went over to inspect the fireplace. As soon as he came back in, she returned to her perch on the coffee table.

He had brought a box in with the ceramic logs and I noticed that as soon as he had emptied the box, a little fat black cat was checking out the inside of the box. I didn't see her get out so when he went to pick everything up, I mentioned that the cat might be in the box.

He turned to me so solemnly and said "Ma'am, if that cat was in this box I'd have to use two hands to pick it up." Do you think he might consider Miss Sugar a little overweight - it was very funny!

She also felt compelled to help me with Christmas dinner. We had bought a kitchen stool so I ould sit at the counter and not have to stand so much. But before I even had a chance to sit down, Sugar was on the seat explaining why she thought fixing fresh veggies was a waste of time. Well blogger is not letting me upload those pics. I'[ll try to get them up later.

Health Update: And here is why you haven't heard from me for a while. The cancer is back. We started noticing symtems about three weeks ago but until I started having seizures again, I basically just ignored them. My physical therapist insisted I call my doctor and he insisted I have another MRI immediately. I had it last Thursday.

The worst part of all of this is I am back on steroids. I'd been off a whole week with no symptoms. Having to pick up the steroids depressed me more than the cancer coming back!

Anyway, one tumor area shows no signs of anything, just the normal aftermath of surgery. The other area however shows a growing clump of cancer cells which have already put out feeder extensions. Because this is such a small area, my only option is the Gamma Knife.

You know, just because a doctor says your options are very limited, doesn't mean the Great Physician has limited options. So I am where I've always been with the cancer tango, expecting the Lord to handle things His way.

I am scheduled for Gamma Knife treatment at Mercy this Thursday at about 5:30 am. The nurses and doctors have been super about reassuring me of no barbarious treatment and I have always felt very secure with the Mercy staff. It will be very similar to the first one (without the torture). I'll be home by noon and sound asleep the minute I get in bed. Will probably sleep most of Friday but after that I should be fine (I can not remember what happened the last time - the entrance trauma has completely deleted it).

My youngest sister, Lori, is coming out to "babysit" me so Jim can work and not worry about me. I am just thrilled! I haven't seen her in years and she's never been to Oklahoma. She's coming on Tuesday so we'll have Wednesday to get her aclimatized to the cats, computers, and TV.

So that's what's happening here. I can't guarantee too many posts but perhaps the Yarn Roadie will leave a couple of messages (I have NO clue who Garcia is!) to let you know my progress.