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(To the tune of Winter Wonderland) Needles click, how they glisten, cozy sound, as you listen, they’re stuck everywhere, sit down if you dare, welcome to my knitter’s wonderland. Yarn abounds to overflowing, countless books increase my knowing. I need every bit; I care not a whit if there’s no pathway through my wonderland! In an evening I can make a mitten, start a shawl, a sweater, or a hat. But the question to ask any kitten, is “Do you think she’ll really finish that?”

Monday, April 02, 2007

Short Post

I've nanaged to catch a nasty spring cold, It started on Friday and I have spent the last THREE days in bed, coughing, sneezing and sleeping - mostly sleeping. I'm hoping I feel MUCH better tomorrow cause it's hard to accomplish much if you sleep 18 out of 24 hours.

Here's the picture of Sugar I mentioned in my last post. She sacked out the afternoon tmy sis and family left. Keeping up with a baby is a LOT of work. She didn't even open her eyes when Jim took the picture.

That's about it. I'm woriking on my SIL's scarf but not quite far enough along for pictures. I'll post more when I feel better.

n the meantime, don't let anyone sneeze on you!


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I hope you get better FAST!

Sugar sure looks like she is getting some quality rest. : )

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Kay said...

I think the allergy fairy hit me yesterday. It's miserable feeling like this when it's so pretty outside. Sugar looks adorable as usual.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Aww...poor Sugar!! Those kiddos do tucker those fur babies out. Stoneleigh does the same thing after Savy & Dax!

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

So good to see your website again Susan. Sugar is so cute, and she sure looks sleepy, too. We are hoping and praying that you are feeling better now. No fun being down with a bad cold. We send our love. Mom and Dad


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